Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finally...Another Post: Lessons

Jeez! It feels like I haven't posted anything in forever! Lots of things have happened since the horse show. Tick bites, allergic reactions, lost shoes, thunderstorms, and unbelievable heat waves have altered the boys work out schedules but with careful planning I have been able to do my best. I also lost a great friend of mine to an equestrian accident. Kay was one of my good friends from the horse show world. She will be dearly missed and I really can't say enough good things about her. But, I know that she is looking down from heaven at all of her loved ones and smiling because that's just the kind of person she was :)

RIP Kay Foy Culbertson Robertson
April 28, 1966 - June 6,2011


But this blog was not meant to be sad, instead it was meant to talk about lessons. Whether they be lessons in life, which Kay gave many of or just lessons in general, they are always helpful. Kay's greatest lessons to me were about looking on the bright side of life no matter what curve balls were thrown your way. She also enforced the open heart policy, being nice to everyone and accepting them for who they are. These are things I will always remember because of her.

In the horse world, I had a lesson yesterday...a riding lesson that is. It was my first one since the horse show in Pinehurst. I thought that even with my setbacks in May and June, I had been doing ok with keeping up with my "homework". Apparently, that was just it, I had done an "ok" job but now it was time to crank up the heat. Lynn said two important things that I can take away from my lesson: 1) I am a marshmallow and 2) if I want to win at Second Level I need a dressage horse not a half-arab pretending to be a dressage horse.

For the first point, I will admit I am a marshmallow. I have a squishy center that definitely needs some toning. Without the proper muscles (that which I am currently laking), I cannot keep up physically with Buddy's training especially if I want to help him progress up the levels. Granted I have spent the past couple of months dropping some weight but I have not spent the time strengthening my core. I have always been petite but after the move to NC I did pack on a little more and told myself I would start working out to fix that problem. It has been a year and 4 days since we moved here and I have not stepped foot in an exercise establishment. So, that is my goal for the next couple of weeks, to tone up a little before the Raleigh Summer Show.

The next point sounds a little prejudice against Arabs & Half-Arabs but trust me it was not meant to. It was meant in the sense that she wanted more than what would be acceptable at just the breed shows. Lynn wanted Buddy to sit and lift more than was originally required of him for him to be able to compete and win against the other horses at the open shows. Even though we have already done an open show and faired pretty well at this level, she wanted us to push for more so that instead of just doing fair we could top the class instead. That will be a goal until the next lesson in two weeks.

So with all of these lessons in mind, I will keep plugging along and try to implement all the lessons I have learned of late to keep improving! Until the next lesson :)